Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Village of Hicksville provides for the collection and treatment of wastewater and sewage, not only for residential customers, but for industry as well. The Village has the responsibility for planning, designing, constructing and maintaining approximately 25 miles of storm, sanitary and combined sewers. The Village also operates 7 lift stations.

Wastewater and sewage flows mostly by gravitation to the new Wastewater Treatment Plant located on South Bryan Street in Hicksville (on-line in 2006).

The Wastewater Treatment Plant consists of an orbal oxidation ditch, two clarifiers, alum treatment and UV disinfection.

After the pollutants are removed, the plant returns the clean water to Mill Creek, which later empties into the Maumee River. The City of Defiance uses the Maumee River as the primary source of their drinking water.

The Wastewater Treatment Plant personnel perform routine lab procedures which in part consist of C-BOD5, suspended solids, ammonia to ensure water quality. The personnel also perform preventative and corrective maintenance on equipment used in the treatment process, as well as maintenance of the lift stations.

The Hicksville Wastewater Treatment Plant is responsible for all service and repair to the main collection system only. When a customer installs a new sewer line they provide all supplies, material and labor. Approval for a sewer tap must be obtained from the Village and the proper fee must be paid before installation begins. The final inspection and approval of the new sewer tap is done by the Village. Information on installation of a sewer line is available from the Village Administrator at (419) 542-8095.

The resident(s) is responsible for all repairs and maintenance of all sewer service lines up to the point of connection to the Village’s main sewer, including the sewer tap.

As service laterals are installed or replaced, the Village requires a 6” line to be installed either on top or in the center of the sanitary sewer. There will be no taps made on the side or bottom of the sewer main. After the tap is made, the work shall be inspected and approved by Village personnel.

Note: In certain cases a 6” line cannot be installed. If this happens the Village Administrator has the authority to approval a different size.

There will be no taps made directly into a manhole. If there is an existing tap into a manhole, it will remain until lateral work requires repair work. When any lateral work is done, the direct tap must be removed and placed in the sewer main.

The resident(s) will be required to secure a bond in order to dig across the street or road and curb. After completing the work of restoring the street or road and curb to the original condition, the bond will be refunded. Refunds are incumbent upon inspection and approval of the Village Administrator and/or the Village Zoning Inspector.