Income Tax Department

Zoe McMaster

Income Tax Administrator

The mission of the Income Tax Department is to provide our community with courteous, prompt and accurate accounting of tax revenues while assuring compliance with the Village Income Tax Ordinance in a fair and equitable manner.

The Village of Hicksville Income Tax has been in effect since March 1, 1971. It is a 1% tax on incomes and net profits earned in the village or received by Hicksville residents elsewhere. Credit is given to residents for taxes paid to other cities and villages in Ohio. (See our Ordinance for details).

Our current Income Tax Ordinance is Ordinance 2015-13 – it was passed in December of 2015 and is part of our Codified Village Ordinances (Chapter 181-A).

The Rules and Regulations, completed in January of 2007, is an embellishment of Ordinance 2004-35 and even though it is very similar; it goes into more details than the Ordinance and is our guide line on specific issues. If you have a general question relating to Income Taxes, check out the Ordinance. If your question is more specific, review the Rules and Regulations as well as the Ordinance. Our Tax Department will be happy to discuss any Village Income Tax question you might have, so feel free to contact us.

Due to the State of Ohio passing Substitute House Bill 5 Hicksville has had to make changes to our Income Tax Ordinance. The changes can be found using the link to "Revised Tax Statute 181-A. If you have any questions about the new ordinance please call or email this office.

The income tax revenue is approximately $833,000 per year, of which a percentage is used to fund capital projects in the village such as building water treatment and wastewater treatment plants, replacing water and sewer lines, street repairs and repaving, and the purchase of equipment. The remaining funds may also be used to pay for police, EMS, park, zoning, cemetery, audit services, elected officials' wages & expenses and to pay off debt for capital projects so utility rates can be kept at a minimum.

At this time the village of Hicksville does not accept electronically filed returns; they can be emailed, faxed, mailed or brought in to be prepared. Please provide all copies of W-2's.