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Rules & Regulations

General Park Rules

  1. Park closes at 11 PM
  2. No alcohol or drugs
  3. No littering
  4. Drive posted speeds
  5. No driving on grass
  6. Park in designated areas only
  7. Dogs must be leashed at all times

Skate Park Rules

  1. Skateboards and in-line skates only
  2. No bikes, scooters, or motorized vehicles or any other wheeled devices allowed
  3. Know your abilities - stay within them
  4. No unnecessary waxing
  5. No pets
  6. Spectators stay outside the fence
  7. No personal equipment (ramps/rails)
  8. Do NOT use when wet
  9. No food, drink, alcohol, tobacco or drugs
  10. No littering or graffiti
  11. No loud or obscene music
  12. No profanity or inappropriate behavior
  13. No competitive, demonstrative or educational events without approval (bracelets available from Park Director)

Pool Rules

  1. No running
  2. No horseplay
  3. No profanity or inappropriate behavior
  4. No food, alcohol, tobacco or drugs
  5. Stay off the rope
  6. Do not converse with lifeguards
  7. Emergency phone at front desk

Red Flag on Field
Everyone stays off a field until the red flag is removed by park personnel.