Hicksville Rescue Squad

The mission of the Hicksville Rescue Squad is to furnish the citizens of Hicksville and the surrounding areas with adequate and efficient twenty-four (24) hour emergency medical care.

The Hicksville Rescue squad is staffed by volunteer Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. All EMTs are certified by the State of Ohio. The territory they cover includes the Village of Hicksville, Hicksville Township, the southern half of Milford Township, and the western half of Farmer Township, and the western half of Mark Township. The Hicksville EMT’s serve approximately 10,000 persons in a 90 square mile area. They also provide mutual aid to any adjoining area when called upon. The Hicksville Rescue Squad became a part of the Hicksville Fire Department in 1974. The EMS Chief reports to the Fire Chief, and is governed by the Police & Fire Committee of the Village Council. The squad is also advised by a medical director, Dr. Daniel L. Schwerin.